The Colorado Girl T-Shirt

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Colorado Girl -- It's All Downhill from Here.  That's a play on words!  Our New Colorado Girl features a bold and stylish new look including the Colorado State Flag, letting the world know you're from the land of the Rocky Mountains, and more natural beauty than the other 49 states combined!


According to Chris:

I absolutely cannot blame anyone for being super, super proud of being from Colorado.  The Rockies are incredible, the skiing is unbeatable, the hiking and outdoors life is a "10", the air is clean, the sun is always shining, and Denver is a great capital city.  And Colorado... that's just a fun word to say, too.  I've spent a lot of time in Colorado.  On our family's first cross country trip when I was 6, on the way from NY to California, we stopped in Denver, and then took the partially-completed I-70 through the mountains and on to the west.  As a little kid, I was blown away by the sight of those mountains.  We came back across the more-completed I-70 on another trip when I was 12, and it was only then I noticed, EVERYTHING EAST OF DENVER LOOKS LIKE NEBRASKA.  The sign said, "70 EAST -- LIMON" -- so I'm think, OK, this must be some cool, important place, I'm looking forward to some more scenery... but... not so much.  I guess I just killed our business in Limon, but you're perfectly welcome to make fun of my tiny hometown.

When I started skiing after college, I fell in love, love, love with Colorado. Vail, Beaver Creek, Winter Park, Keystone, Breckenridge - a bunch of ski trips, and only after I went other places, did I realize how spoiled I was to have learned to ski in COLO and taken the great snow and the great slopes for granted.  I've also gone to Denver on a # of business trips, I've jogged around the State Capitol grounds, I've hung out in Colorado Springs and gone to "Garden of the Gods", I've been to 2 Rockies games (nice stadium!), visited my friends in Boulder, and then, on my cross-country road trip in 2001, I saw a whole other part of Colorado.  I first stopped at the FOUR CORNERS MONUMENT, where I was able to sit, stand, and lay in 4 States at once, including Colorado.  Then, I visited Mesa Verde, Black Canyon, and Great Sand Dunes National Parks, and visited Telluride.  Really cool places, really felt like I was in the middle of nowhere -- but I did stay in some really scary awful motel in Alamosa I wouldn't recommend.  I also drove on the "Million Dollar Highway" -- and it was nice -- but as Forrest Gump would say, "I never saw a penny of that money" -- anyway, Colorado, you rock, you're beautiful, and you know it.  And being a Colorado Girl, it must be a great thing.

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